Basic Information

This is an effort to give you all the information you need when dealing with the macrophile community. It is based on what I know about things. Taking into account my youth and human nature, mistakes are quite likely. Should you be in the know and find such errors, please contact me, so that the problem may be fixed. Otherwise, enjoy your stay!

Giantess Fetish

A person having a "giantess fetish" gets sexual arousal from the confrontation with a bigger female. The relative size of the female and the situations desired are subject to personal taste. Therefore, the giantess community is divided into several categories. In addition, this fetish has proven to be compatible to other fetishes which are also found without the giantess community. Besides the term giantess fetish, you may also encounter "macrophile", or "macrophilia". "GTS" is the abbreviation for "giantess".


Amazons/Real Life Giantess

This refers to a size. The size categories are rather vague and if you ask different people about them, you get different answer. This category is a bit better- defined, though. It refers to the smallest giantesses, namely those that may really exist. Their size is about 2 meters, which is not impossible.


This term is sometimes used as a size classification as well. If used that way, it refers to medium- sized giantesses. They are already taller than the largest humans in real life, starting at somewhere above 2 m. Defining the upper limit is difficult, though, as opinions differ greatly. You may consider 10m, 20m, or 50m, but there doesn't seem to be a strict rule.


This term is a size category. It refers to the biggest giantesses. Starting at the upper limit for the giantess size- category, they know no upper limit. There are stories and pictures dealing even with specimens bigger than the earth!


This refers to a situation. Those interested in crush like to imagine giantesses stomping the little people into the ground or chewing them up. City- wreaking giantesses can be found her as well as wifes getting messy revenge on their double- crossing husbands.


The term is also used to describe the situation. Actually, this usage seems to be found much more often than the one relating to size. It points out that the female in question is really increased in size. Its opposite is shrinker.


This refers to a situation. Very subtle in nature, the thought of being held in the hand of a giantess is enough to arouse those having that fantasy.


This is a situation category. The image here is that the giantess is inserting little people into her vagina. As such, it can be seen as kind of a variation of sex. Depending on her size and her whims, the insertion can range from only half the body to all of it.


This term describes the basic situation we are dealing with. It is the opposite to the giantess situation. One or more persons are shrunken and then confronted by one or more normal-sized female(s). Many people don't mind whether the situation be giantess or shrinker, but there are those, of course, which favor/demand one way or the other.


This situation is an escalation of insertion. The smaller partner does not only enter the vagina, but even reaches the womb.

Related Fetishes

Breast Expansion

Those favoring breast expansion prefer women with large breasts. While the smaller sizes may be possible without problems to the subject, imagery also includes women with barrel- sized breasts.


This fetish deals with the fascination with the feet of the partner. Smell and sweat are often welcomed, and liking clean the partner's feet is a main situation. There are also theories about relations between the giantess foot fetish and crush.


This fetish seems to be one of the most powerful fetishes on the internet. The center of this sexual inclination are anthropomorph (human- shaped) animals as you know them from various animated series. However, furries are usually much more human- like in their proportions and depiction of sexual traits are often quite explicit. Furries seem to have cross- overs with nearly all other fetishes, and there seems to be a lot of furry people around.


Vore, or sometimes called "voraphilia" is derived from "carnivore" (meat eating). It refers to those enjoying the fantasy of eating someone whole or being eaten that way (giantess fans usual tend to prefer the latter situation, of course). As such, it could be considered a variation to the cannibalism fetish (which doesn't seem to be really related to the original cannibalism), but general policy seems to be to keep them strictly seperated. Vore specializes on the "whole" aspect. Very often, the victim is swallowed alive. It may be chewed up, but it is never cut to pieces beforehand. Its final fate need not be death either. Besides the "normal" development of death and digestion, there are also those favoring the victim's survival.


Although the cases of interaction between giantesses and shemales seem to be few, it should be mentioned, I guess. Shemales refers to females having a penis usually in addition to their vagina.