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Giantess at Tower

I really mean that, you know. I hope that all that have come this find at least a little something they enjoy here, or at least some information that they have been looking for. As I mentioned on my main page, please understand that I don't have too much time to spend on updating/enlarging this web site. If I am informed about any mistakes on my part, I will try to fix things as soon as possible, of course.

This page is about a "giantess fetish" as we call it ourselves. This being on the internet, I can't be sure whether you are a member of the community or just a passer- by who has been led here by fortune. No matter who you are, if you are open- minded, you are welcome. For those of you who don't know much/anything about us and our kin, I have tried to gather some basic information.

My own fetish encompasses the following items: mega giantesses (100m to infinity - I really mean that), insertion, unbirthing, extremely mild vore (no chewing, no digestion, no death). Dominance is no issue for me, neither are feet, crush, or gay things. I prefer reading stories and enjoying drawings (especially those in Shoujo- Anime style). I don't like collages (with only a few exceptions).

As soon as I have finished writing something, it will land in my stories section now.

I have also tried to do some drawing. I am still new at doing this style and theme, so please be patient. My drawings all go to my gallery. Don't be confused by the new appearance, I moved my gallery to my homepage at Geocities.

My friend Krabbie has also done interesting artwork. Thus, he got his own gallery here.

I am happy to be able to present some artwork done by yet another friend of mine, MAC. He is really into perfection always criticizing his pictures, so the results are really worth waiting for them, but see for yourself at MAC's Gallery.

Those looking for other sites featuring items about this topic are advised to visit my links section.

I hope you enjoy the visit to our community.



Last update: May 30th, 2001