Krabbie's Giantess Pictures

Krabbie is a friend of mine who is spending a lot of time drawing pics. And if you ask me, it shows, his artwork is really terrific. He is not into the giantess thing, but I have been able to persuade to do a few drawings. Still, I have to be patient as I can't demand anything. I can only try to provide some hints, some inspiration and then watch it grow :).

Krabbie being a free- minded artist who does not share my fetish at all, there may be pictures that are not in line with my preferences. It would be unfair, though, for me to deprieve you of them. Some of you may be as gentle as I am, therefore, I have decided to put pics that are really nasty in a seperate gallery. Those who have found especially my drawings too gentle may like what they find there, but those with my preferences have been warned.

On the other hand, I have also been able to convince him to do some challenges, which are now located at Krabbie's Challenge Gallery which is part of my homepage Geocities. The challenge was to create color pictures based on my pictures. In other words, these pictures are all Krabbie's interpretations of my pictures.

Like everything else on my site, you are welcome to download/use/spread any of these items as you like without asking for permission as long as you mention who created the stuff (Krabbie in this case!) and don't use it commercially (i.e. sell it). For further information, contact me.

Have fun!

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Giantess at Tower(146KB)
Krabbie did this drawing rather spontaneously after I talked to him about my fetish for the first time. For those who have been at my site before, yes, this is a smaller version (500KB was a tad much, I know).
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Girl at Airport(165KB)
This was actually done a short time after 'Giantess at Tower' and there was no pressuring on my side. She is really cute, don't you agree :)
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Another one of Krabbie's spontaneous pictures. I was really surprised by the straightforwardness of it. Yup, there is nothing subtle about that picture.
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Running Wild(167KB)
Krabbie has done this during a drawing session we had. I just wonder where she is going. Anyhow, there is just a little bit of crush (no people, though).
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Mecha Usagi(134KB)
Actually, Krabbie suggested that I would do such a picture, but since I had a hard time combining mecha and gts, I had to ask him to do it instead. The idea started out with a giant Sailormoon mecha controlled by Tuxedo Mask sitting in one of the hair knots. (Sailormoon's original creator and copyright holder is Takeuchi Naoko!)