The following links are places on the internet I have found to be interesting for the giantess fan. This list can't be complete, of course, but I hope it can be helpful. If you find any broken links/problems, please contact me.

Hiermit distanziere ich mich ausdruecklich von allen moeglicherweise nicht gesetzkonformen Inhalten der angegebenen Links.

Short Cut

English Sites

Japanese Sites

English Sites


D.X.Machina's Gentle GTS Board V! This nice forum is hosted by D. X. Machina, one of the most productive authors of the community. Its focus being gentle giantesses, it will not cater to the interests of crush fans. Quality and quantity of such boards are dependant on contributions, though, thus come and join the party!

Everything Grows Message Forum Another forum welcoming giantess contributions. I have to admit that I haven't spend that much time there, sorry.

POV Channel Forum This forum belongs to Point of View (POV) which is catering to all kinds of size/size- changing fantasies. This forum has relocated, you can view the old messages still here, but in order tzo get the current stuff and post yourself, you have to visit it at Giantess Magic's place.

Big Gulp's Message Board Big Gulp still seems to be the center pin for the voraphile community on the net. Its message board is open for all kinds of voraphiles, not just giantess fans. A lot of the activity there comes from the furry community.

Giantess Magic's forums At this place you find 4 giantess forums dealing with different issues. One of them is POV forum which has relocated here, making this location even more interesting.


D.X. Machina's GTS-o-Rama This is the site of one of my favorite authors, D.X. Machina. Besides his stories, it also includes a nice link list.

Giganta This site is quite impressive. Although it is relatively young, it has quickly grown in size. Especially its link list is worth a visit. It is dedicated to all expressions of macrophilia, it would seem, and has various categories accordingly.

Pendragon's Pages This is yet another author you mustn't miss.

Ursaminor's GTS Story Archive This site hosts a large archive of giantess stories. If you like to get something to read, a visit is highly recommended.

MegaGTS Fan Club Besides some pictures and a nice story archive, this site also features statements/interviews of many members of the community. This could be interested for those of you doing research on us :) .

Giantess Magic This is one of the bigger sites featuring both several galleries with pictures and a good story archive.

The Locust's Plague Now this is a dedicated site about GTS vore. There are some nice pictures and stories there.

The Attic of Doctor Szalinsky Macrophilia is one of the items dealt with. Currently, this site is relatively small.

The Giantess Archive This nice site features a large collection of drawings, collages, and videos.

Miscellaneous Sites

The Unending Breast Expansion Addventure Although this interactive story is not directly focused on matters GTS, there are many threads heading our way. (An interactive story is like an RPG solo- adventure: You read a page of the story and then follow one of several choices of how things should develop next. However, such a story is never truly finished, as readers are invited to write those pages not yet written. Thus, it keeps constantly growing.) Currently, there are several GTS threads available, although some have been sleeping for quite some time. Maybe, you want to wake those sleeping beauties? This is a great site. It offers authors the chance to publish their work on the internet. In addition to normal texts, you also have the option of creating interactive stories just like the BEA. I have my portfolio there, offering an interactive story, a story in the making, and a message board where I have gathered some information about macrophile material on Other authors you may want to visit there include D.X.Machina, GTSPendragon, and Riverdog13.


Pete's Links This link page belongs to the Giantess Zone studios. With the giantess shrine defunct, this seems to be the largest GTS link list on the web. Bring some time if you want to go through all of the material there.

Voraphile Links This link page is part of As the name implies, this site is focused on voraphilia in general. Thus, giantess sites are just part of what is offered. Now featuring a general search feature according to category.

Yahoo! Clubs

Anime Giantesses 2 The title says it all, this club is for all you macrophile Anime fans out there :) This is the new guise of Anime Giantesses Club which has somehow disappeared one day.

Giantesses Amoung Us This club is meant to be a refuge for those who dearly miss the giantess shrine, the center of giantess activity on the internet which has been down for many months now.

Giantess Sakura The name just about says it all; this club is dedicated to giantess pictures of Card Captor Sakura.

Girls Shrinking Adults As with many Yahoo! Clubs, the title says nearly all there is to know.

GTS Anime Another club for fans of macrophile anime/manga drawings. Its founder Geddicus keeps putting up pictures (mostly by Japanese artists) that are not available on the internet elsewhere/anymore.

gtsvgs anime This club has just been created. Thus far I can only tell that it is supposed to be about video game and anime giantesses.

Koonago World This isn't actually centering on GTS, but rather on the other side, shrunken women. However, you should remember that if you have two women and one shrinks, you have both a shrunken woman and a giantess situation :)

Shrinking Fantasies Both human and furry material seems to be accepted/presented at this club.

Swallowed Alive by Anime Girls Now that's a club for me. Given the nature of the protagonists, this club caters to GTS vore drawings only.

Teen Giantess Vore Club This club wants to focus on PG-13 GTS vore. It wants to fill the gap between childish stories and hardcore porn, the two main tendencies for GTS material.

The Reducer's Realm Now this one is a bit odd to place; the subtitle and most of the stuff posted implies shrunken women only, but there seem to be exceptions. And the introduction text itself talks about size changing in general.

The Vore Library This club is making an effort to cater to all kinds of vore.

Video Game Giantesses Now we are talking video games and giantess fetish. Besides drawings, some people have also posted screen shots. I knew the gaming industry likes us :)

Lost Yahoo! Clubs

It seems as if Yahoo! has removed the club category for erotic items due to pressure from pro- censorshipp groups. It is sad to think that the freedom of speech is so poorly treated by the First World. The clubs within that category still exist and some are still prospering, but you can't reach via Yahoo! Club's search engine or menus anymore. You have to be logged in to Yahoo! if you want to visit these clubs.

Buttman's Giantess Pictures Now there is a different club - members are asked to abstain from posting pictures. Instead they should just comment on the club owner's pictures presented there.

Buttman's Giantess club 2 Yep, this is the sequel to Buttman's Giantess Pictures. Same owner, same rules. The pictures here are all supposed to be centered on the themes "butt sitting" and "point of view".

Buttman Giantess Club 3 Guess what, this is the third club in the series. The pictures you can see here are about insertion, swallowing, crush , and feet.

Club Giantess A generic GTS club.

Giantess Drawings 'No Crush' Most other clubs/sites that are not furry are dominated by collages. This club is then kind of a counter weight.

Giantess Drawings 'No Crush' 2 Although this seems to be the sequel to Giantess Drawings 'No Crush', it is different as collages seem to be welcome as well.

Giantess Drawings 'No Crush' 3 There isn't really much to add, now, is there? Although, this is again just drawings/poser it would seem.

Giantess Fantasy This club is specifically dedicated to pictures with GTS directly interacting with tiny men, touching them, eating them, inserting them, whatever.

Giantess Insertion Fans Actually, insertion pictures are quite rare on the internet when compared to other giantess situations like feet or vore. This was the motivation for this club's creation.

Giantess or shrinking RPgames Besides trying to assist role playing, this club is also home to some illustrations.

Giantess Zone This is one of the few clubs/sites on the subject deliberately trying to keep clean of obscenity/nudity and the like. Please remember that when posting.

Gigantess Another club simply dedicated to giantess fantasies in general.

Giant Salior Scouts This club is dedicated to those interested in crossing Pretty Soldier Sailormoon and GTS.

Girls Eating Guys As the name implies, this club revolves entirely around women eating/swallowing men.

Growing Females This club caters to ALL growth fantasies. Besides GTS, breast expansion and other things are welcome.

Hungry Giantess This club asks for anything related to women eating little people (read GTS vore).

Maxart1 This is a club for the GTS artwork by maxart1, which tends towards drawings as it seems.

Mega giantess This club is dedicated to mega giantess collages.

Shrinkin' This club deals with tiny men and EVIL GTS.

Swallowed Alive This club is about the fantasy to be swallowed alive by a woman.

Talls Smalls MegaDolls This club wants to cater to all GTS variants, starting with real giantess/amazon and going up to mega.

Teens That Shrink You As implied, this club centers on a special shrinker scenario with the big guys being teens.

Tiny Little Guys This club is explicitly interested in having sex with a giantess.

Japanese Sites


G-ZONE BBSThis is part of G-Zone and currently seeing quite some activity.

Kyodaimusume fukyuu iinkai (Giantess Popularization Commitee member) BBSI think this BBS is rather important, since it belongs to g-boy's site.

Giantess/Shrinker BBSThis BBS seems to be a center for developing relay stories


Kurau kaijuumusume (Eating Monster Girls) This is a very nice little site having a gallery of voraphile macrophile pictures and also a few very nice stories. It also has a very nice BBS you want to visit.

G-fork This is another site brought to you by X-Virus, who has already given a great contribution to the community with G-Zone (see Databases). Although this site is relatively young, its story section has seen quite some growth. And it got a really cute main menu :)

Kyodaimusume fukyuu iinkai (Giantess Popularization Commitee member)I believe this to be the biggest giantess site in Japan. It is full of both pictures and stories from different authors.

Toyogabu chiisaku naru musume (Toyogub Shrinking women)Although this is a shrinking women site, normal- sized women turn into giantesses when meeting them, right. Toyogub is reknown for good pictures.

Kyodaimusume saakuru miyoshino Giantess Circle Miyoshino) A site where many things are currently being done. There is always something new.


Jinja modoki (Shrine Imitation(?))This site is really unbelievable. Since it is updated daily, it is very useful.(13/11/15:Link updated since site has moved)


G-ZoneThis interesting site features articles on giantesses and tiny people in manga, anime, and other media. Most articles are illustrated.

The Shrinker's World HeritageAlthough similar to G-Zone, there are some differences. G-Zone's articles are longer, while this site has more articles. The comics/manga section has currently nearly 400 entries, for instance.