MAC's Giantess Pictures

MAC is a friend of mine who, besides drawing pictures is also an active member of the C64 scene. However, he is doing much more (both on the C64 (graphics and music) and as far as drawing pictures is concerned) than I do. He also has the distinction of having an artist's heart.

He does not share my giantess fetish though. Instead, his thing are Anime/Manga- style cat girls (it's nekomimi, not furry stuff!). Still, my visiting him time and time again, showing him my latest finds from the web, has to have some kind of impact. So whenever another picture is ready, I will put it here.

Like everything else on my site, you are welcome to download/use/spread any of these items as you like without asking for permission as long as you mention who created the stuff (MAC in this case!) and don't use it commercially (i.e. sell it). For further information, contact me.

Have fun!

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This picture developed from a sketch done by MAC. Amongst the pictures I have shown him, there have been a lot from Miyoshino's Drawing BBS. Especially those with the completely simplyfied small guys caught MAC's attention. Thus, he quickly did that sketch on a scrap of paper. Although he was reluctant (he is always very critical towards his works), I was able to convince him to scan the picture. Once this was done, he insisted on working on it on the computer. And the results are really good, I believe.