Krabbie's Nasty Gallery

This place is reserved for the more sinister creations Krabbie has done. They are usually full of blood and messy. If you don't want to see blood and cruelty, you better turn back. I wouldn't blame you, since I don't find such stuff erotic either. If you are not opposed to such depictions, I welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay.

Like everything else on my site, you are welcome to download/use/spread any of these items as you like without asking for permission as long as you mention who created the stuff (Krabbie in this case!) and don't use it commercially (i.e. sell it). For further information, contact me.

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This was all Krabbie's idea. An alternative title he came up with was 'Tasty 2 - When Things Get too Tasty' and he commented that he just felt the urge to do some nastier stuff :) Cannibalism. (For 'Tasty', visit Krabbie's normal gallery!)