Deathworks' Giantess Stories

I am trying to write stories. I hope that at least some people may find them entertaining. Therefore, I will collect all my writing in this story section of my homepage. Feel free to flame me.

Have fun!

Squire to the Rescue

This is my first non- interactive giantess story. It isn't finished yet. In a fantasy world, a squire gets accidently shrunk to about 1 cm and has to flee with the royal princess as the country is invaded. This story is gentle and there won't be much sex or anything in it. Although work on it has currently come to a standstill, I have the future plot already planned and will certainly continue at some later time.

The Appearance of Giant Chibi(?) Moon

This is a Sailormoon fanfiction. Sailormoon's original creator and copyright holder is Takeuchi Naoko.

Originally, I planned to do this as a Manga, but currently, I don't have the strength or Japanese language skills to really succeed in this venture. Still, in due time, I hope to create that version as well. This story takes place during Sailormoon S/ Sailormoon Mugen, when the Senshi are facing Eudial. It is mainly based on the Anime version.

This is a gentle story containing some vore.

Now They Got Ami!

Encouraged by the Swallowed Alive by Anime Girls club (now a group) over at Yahoo!, I wrote a sequel to "The Appearance of Giant Chibi(?) Moon". This story is a Sailormoon fanfiction (Sailormoon being originally created and owned by Takeuchi Naoko).

The story takes place a few days after the original story. My special focus was to improve the swallowing sequence and give more time to the Senshi being inside her body (yes, it is another vore story). Although it is a gentle giantess, she does cause some property damage accidentally (smashing the road, making windows explode) and also digests a demon (^_^;; Personally, I like this story better than the original one, but that's just me :) At any rate, it is MUCH longer.

Ami's Times of Trouble

This is another Sailormoon fanfiction. Sailormoon's original creator and copyright holder is Takeuchi Naoko.

Well, this time, the plot allowed me to use my favorite Senshi, namely Sailormercury/Mizuno Ami. She is simply so innocent and cute. The plot centers on how Ami accidentally creates a formula that causes her to grow in size whenever she turns into a Sailorsenshi. There will be approximately 4 episodes describing those troublesome days. The story takes place during the end of the first part of Sailormoon and uses mainly the descriptions/details as seen in the Anime version. It is the time when Tuxedo Mask has joined the Dark Kingdom and when the Senshi are facing Kuntsaito.

This is a gentle story with very little action.